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Eros, the alleged son of Aphrodite, is most commonly known for his Latin name: Cupid. He could stir desire into the hearts of anyone he pleased with a simple draw and release of his enchanted arrow. The story of Eros and Psyche is one of the most famed in its depiction of love and adventure.

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His Roman counterpart was Cupid "desire". In some traditions, he is described as one of the primordial gods. Beekes has suggested a Pre-Greek origin.

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This puts them under a lot of pressure. With Eros as the God of love and Thanatos as the God of death, synonymous with the so-called death drive, we might even feel a hint of romanticism. Yet, as a clinician, Freud claims to derive all his concepts from experience, generalising them only in as far as it is useful for therapy cf. Instincts and their Vicissitudesp.

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Always obedient, Eros flew down to earth with two vials of potions. Invisible, he sprinkled the sleeping Psyche with a potion that would make men avoid her when it came to marriage. Accidentally, he pricked her with one of his arrows which make someone fall in love instantly and she startled awake.

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Jean is a student of Psychology and Humanities, and uses this to explore personalities, archetypes, and symbolisms. The goddess in Greek mythology most known for both love and astonishing beauty was Aphrodite. She attracted males who were gods and men who were mortals.

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived three princesses. Psyche, the youngest, was very kind. She was also very beautiful.

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Lots of formal and old English, but nevertheless the original English translation — Alas, poore Psyche. From Mr. This is the Wikipedia version of the myth:.

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And how could he not be? This is the story of how Eros himself once fell in love with someone; and how that someone was willing to do anything not to lose him. Once upon a time there lived in the West parts a king and a queen who had three daughters, all of them beautiful beyond belief.

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Satisfaction, content, joy, delight… this is the purpose of anything we do in life. Think about it! Anything you seek in life is aiming to make you feel good.


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