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Meeting your S. Here are 12 guys on their cringiest moments in front of their partner's parents:. Her entire family are like, gourmands.

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Most of the time, sex toys do what it says on the tin: they give us an orgasm. They also allow us to explore our bodies and experiment with partners. But sometimes, they can be a source of blush-worthy blunders.

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After the news that a student teacher had to go to hospital to have a vibrator removed from her backsideThe Sun has put together a list of the worst sex-related injuries. While this may sound like a sexual experiment gone wrong, the explanation behind the accident is much more bizarre. As part of the Circus of Horrors show, Daniel attaches a hoover to his penis and pulls the appliance across the stage.

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There is no confusion about what goes where, no awkward body bumping, and no disgusting wet spot on the sheets afterwards. But you may have probably discovered during the course of your own adult adventures so far we hope that the ideal textbook sex does not exist. When you put two butt naked individuals in the same room and expect them to intertwine their bodies in funny positions, there are bound to be awkward moments.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. You know those sexual encounters where something so undeniably hilarious happens that you and your partner both end up laughing hysterically?

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That was the first question when we heard about aftersexselfies. It turns out, they are just as horrifying as you might imagine! Sure, it's great that you and your bae are basking in a post coital glow but do you really need to tell the whole Internet about it via Instagram and SnapChat? Do you even need to tell your friends?

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Not only do you want to impress your partner, you're also both naked and in compromising positions. Combine those two things and the likelihood of things getting embarrassing is pretty high. As these guys can attest, things can get real awkward, real fast.

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Medical professionals see a lot of strange stuff over the course of their careers, especially those who work in the emergency room. In a thread that has gone viral on Redditdoctors, nurses and EMTs are sharing some of the more outlandish medical emergencies they've seen that were caused by sexual encounters gone awry. One guy had his scrotum swell to the size of a cantaloupe from bleeding into the scrotal space.


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