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HIV is not spread through saliva, by touching a person or object, or by insect bites. In the United States, the most common ways for HIV to spread are unprotected sex and injection drug use. Risk of HIV transmission increases if there are open sores on the genitals of the person receiving oral sex, or mouth sores, gum disease or recent dental work for the person giving oral sex.

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Human immunodeficiency virus HIV attacks and weakens the immune system, making an individual more vulnerable to serious illness. Untreated HIV can lead to AIDS, which occurs when the immune system is so weak it becomes susceptible to serious infections and some cancers. An estimated 39, people in the country were diagnosed with HIV in alone.

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You can also use other HIV prevention methods, below. If you are living with HIVthe most important thing you can do to prevent transmission and stay healthy is to take your HIV medication known as antiretroviral therapy or ARTevery day, exactly as prescribed. There also are other options to choose from, below. The more of these actions you take, the safer you can be.

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Sexual contact is the most common route of HIV transmission. Given the importance of sexual transmission in the HIV epidemic, many HIV prevention strategies have focused on identifying and promoting safer-sex practices. As the name implies, these practices are thought to be "safer" than other sexual practices in that they help reduce but do not necessarily eliminate the risk of transmitting HIV from one sexual partner to another.

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When it comes to calculating risk of HIV transmission, some people can really get fixated on specific percentages. That's not something to condone. But it's still interesting -- and useful -- when studies use those percentages to shed new light on key topics in HIV transmission.

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Vaginal sex intercourse involves inserting the penis into the vagina. Some sexual activities are riskier than others for getting or transmitting HIV. Activities like oral sex, touching, and kissing carry little to no risk for getting or transmitting HIV.

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Analyzed studies indicate about a 1. Anal intercourse without condoms propels the HIV epidemic in men who have sex with men MSMand many heterosexual couples have anal sex [2]. To update previous work on per-act HIV transmission rate with anal sex, Imperial College London researchers and collaborators at other centers conducted a new systematic review and meta-analysis. They aimed to determine how anal transmission risk varies by type of anal sex, gender, and antiretroviral use.

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Effective HIV prevention programs rely on accurate estimates of the per-act risk of HIV acquisition from sexual and parenteral exposures. We updated the previous risk estimates of HIV acquisition from parenteral, vertical, and sexual exposures, and assessed the modifying effects of factors including condom use, male circumcision, and antiretroviral therapy. We conducted literature searches to identify new studies reporting data regarding per-act HIV transmission risk and modifying factors.

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This study follows up on an earlier study by the same authors examining per-act heterosexual HIV transmission probabilities. It is a systematic review and analysis of all available study data related to the likelihood of heterosexual HIV transmission. The authors reviewed 43 published studies conducted in various countries that reported per-act heterosexual HIV-1 transmission probability estimates. The authors concluded that the average male to female risk of HIV transmission is.


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