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Check out all the awesome shows, hair styles, bogies and creamy muck muck from their time on CBBC! The Great Diddy Cake Off. Diddy make-up tutorial.

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Dick and Dom explore various aspects of modern technology, asking their celebrity friends in the process to discuss their experience with the tech. The show ran for five series between and Diddy Dick and Dom, originally a pre-recorded section during Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow, sees them playing themselves as miniaturised puppets.

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Sign in. With an amazing slate of films at the TIFF this year, our experts choose one that stands above the rest. Watch now.

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If my memory serves me right Fearne filled in continuity with Tom over Christmas into Enough about Fearne now. I don't remember much of them presenting together bar during school holidays around before Dom disappeared to concentrate on his Magic programme and to front Jungle Run for CITV.

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Dominic Simon Wood born 3 January in ExeterDevon is an English entertainermagician and presenter of radio and televisionbest known as one half of the double act Dick and Domwith the other being Richard McCourt. McCourt is also the godfather of Wood's two sons, Tommy and Sam. Wood was at one point the youngest member of the magician's society The Magic Circle.

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Jowell backed the corporation by saying: "It is the BBC's job to determine standards of taste, decency and appropriateness. The BBC issued a statement saying: "It is pure fun and entertainment, aimed at eight to year-olds, so it is unsurprising that it doesn't appeal to some adults. Any criticisms are always looked in the context of the target audience for the show and its remit to entertain young children.

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TV stars Dick and Dom have been given an extra-terrestrial makeover to show how their bodies could evolve if they lived on distant planets. The European Space Agency recently found signs of such a lake beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars. Dom has grown giant crab-like claws and a shell to protect himself from the extreme heat of Venus.

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Dick and Dom are smirking in front of me like a couple of boys who've just let off a stink bomb. A simple game, by any standards, Bogeys requires the couple to turn up in public places and say the word "bogeys" at each other, at ever-increasing volume, until such point as they collapse with the sheer hilarity of the enterprise, or are forcibly removed from the building. Judging by their faces, it's clear that Richard McCourt, 28, and Dominic Wood, 27, find the item nothing short of genius.

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CBBC's website and social media accounts will also be celebrating. The pair joined CBBC inoriginally presenting individually. But when bosses put them together to host live CBBC Presentation links in earlythey quickly developed a winning on-screen chemistry.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Find out more here. Seen him on your travels? Tell us about it!


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