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Jump to navigation. A bright green bespoke rug by Front Rugs brings a burst of colour to the drawing room, which also has a bespoke curved sofa, as well as an impressive collection of s lighting, including a Lucite chancelier from Talisman London. The retired couple that live here spent three years turning it from a tired and dated warren of rooms into their dream home, with the able assistance of London design duo Studio Indigo.

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List of famous Art Deco artists, with images, bios, and information about their notable works. All the greatest artists associated with the Art Deco movement are included here, along with clickable names for more details on that particular painter or sculptor. You might also be interested in famous pointillism artists and famous art nouveau artists.

Each room has a painted ceiling and there are large mirrors and moulded columns and cornices. It was a very exciting exhibition for this reason: first of all you walk up an impressive sweeping staircase, with murals all around and chandeliers, then along a dimly lit corridor with rippled coloured glass panels on either side. The first exhibit that you encounter is a s lacquered panel depicting Josephine Baker an entertainer whose iconic image was used on all kinds of decorative and consumable objects and other art deco pieces of furniture, screens, vases etc. Art Deco is sometimes described as an applied style or decoration which provided a veneer of modernity and glamour to everyday life.

Art Nouveau was an art and design movement that grew out of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th Century. Art Nouveau highlighted curvaceous lines, often inspired by plants and flowers, as well as geometric patterns. Art Deco was a sprawling design sensibility that wound its way through numerous early 20th Century art and design forms, from fine art and architecture to fashion and furniture, as well as everyday appliances and even modes of transportation.

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We recently discussed the importance and characteristics of Art Deco style. Living its golden years in the period between two biggest global conflicts Art Deco was one of the most elegant and glamorous styles in the modern art history. At the interwar period, Art Deco patterns were a synonym for modernist ideas of progress, optimistic celebrations of life and luxurious lifestyle of a generation of youth who was coming of age after the war.

Explore our world-leading Art Deco collection. Art Deco represented a machine age aesthetic, replacing flowing, floral motifs with streamlined, geometric designs that expressed the speed, power and scale of modern technology. Design influences were many, from the modern art movements of CubismFuturism and Constructivism to ancient geometric design elements from the exotic cultures of Egypt, Assyria and Persia.

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Indeed, we often use this term for many different styles and trends, even though they are enormously different from each other and were developed in different periods in history, in Architecture, Painting and Decorative Arts. The Art-Nouveau style this was called Modernism in Spainwas an artistic trend at the end of the 19 th century and the beginning of the 20 th century. It was inspired by organic, plant and exotic features from the Orient and the medieval times and it was created in the European urban environment reminiscent of the world of the countryside and, in particular, nature.

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Art Deco has very much become synonymous with a particular style of crafted object having been pastiched until this day. We think perhaps of architecture, innocent-looking figurines, backelite radios, plus mass-produced posters of little typographic merit. So it is very difficult to see how art deco paintings fits into all this.

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