Teen abortion laws in florida

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A recent bill that has made headlines across Florida proposes adding a parental consent requirement to existing statutes governing how minors can get abortions. Additionally, the attention the media is giving this bill that has only passed one committee largely fails to point out how broken the laws in which this bill is built on are. These include if the abortion must be conducted due to a medical emergency, the patient is married or if the patient already has a child.

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In the first three months ofstate legislations proposed or attempted to pass just about as many abortion restrictions as they did inbut there's one key difference: this year's attempts are more extreme. According to a new report from the Guttmacher Institute28 states are considering legislation that would ban abortion in one way or another. These bans range from gestational age limits like a ban on abortion after six weeksto what are called trigger bans — or laws that ban abortion completely should Roe v.

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April 8, am Updated April 8, pm. She says her parents were livid about her first pregnancy a year earlier, though she never dared tell them she was raped. Her father took her to a clinic for an abortion.

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Tallahassee, FL Today, in a decision, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a law requiring physicians to notify a parent or legal guardian before performing an abortion on a young woman. Just the opposite. Under our decision, parent and minor are free to do as they wish in this regard, without government interference. The extensive evidence in this case showed that, even without state-mandated parental notification, most minors, especially younger minors, tell at least one parent of the planned abortion.

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House Bill or the "Parental Notice of Abortion Act" allows a judge to deny the request if they find that the expectant teen is too immature to terminate her pregnancy. A physician may not perform or induce the termination of a pregnancy of a minor unless the physician has complied with the notice and consent requirements of this section. According to HB, 'parental notice' means that the notice that is given directly, in person or by telephone, to a parent or legal guardian of a minor, by a physician, at least 48 hours before the inducement or performance of a termination of pregnancy.

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If a Florida bill becomes law, teenagers who don't get permission from their parent or guardian to get an abortion will have to plead their case before a judge, presenting a problem that teenagers deemed too immature to have an abortion might be considered mature enough to have a child. House Billwhich was introduced on March 5, would amend Florida's statute from being a notification state to a notification and consent state with regard to abortion. On Tuesday, the Florida House Health Quality Subcommittee approved the bill, with 10 votes in favor to four votes opposed.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. In the name of saving children who aren't born yet, Florida lawmakers want to hurt children who are already alive.

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Erin Grall. Florida is already a notification state, meaning that a parent must be notified before a minor can undergo the medical procedure. The proposal for a parent-consent requirement has sparked debate across the state.

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A bill introduced in the Florida House would require teenagers to obtain parental consent before seeking an abortionmarking the latest effort to restrict abortion access in the state. State law currently requires a parent or guardian to be notified if their minor child is having an abortion. But HB would go even further, requiring a physician to obtain their notarized written consent before performing an abortion.

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The U. Supreme Court avoided significantly eroding abortion rights Tuesday, declining to weigh in on part of an Indiana law that had been struck down by a lower court and would have prohibited abortions because tests revealed an abnormality. But the nation's highest court won't be able to dodge the issue forever, as state after southern state moves to all but ban abortion.


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