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Travelers take a lot of weird photographs. China provided a wealth of oddities for me to admire and puzzle over, but the car-free island of Gulangyu provided more than most. On a gentle stroll around the whole island you will discover a range of inexplicable things such as piped piano music from the shrubbery, and lots of sculptures including strange screaming monkey-man creatures.

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And if the dongs in question are famous penises, then the fascination grows tenfold. These historical penises belonged and belong — some of their owners are still alive to men of power, bank robbers, and rock stars. But the mighty penises also ruined the lives of some of their owners, leading them down roads of destitution and low blood flow.

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Her kinky side, however, was rudely omitted from my education. There are photographs of this room, or at least claiming to be, taken by German soldiers who arrived at the palace in during WWII and stumbled across the eye-opening boudoir. These Wehrmacht soldiers may very well have been the last witnesses to see the room before the palaces were bombed and most of their contents destroyed in the ensuing fire.

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If you follow my posts you might have noticed how I love posting about strange animals and stuff. True, since I was a child I was always amazed by the wonders of mother nature. However, other than strange animals, medical oddities is another thing that always got me fascinated. But starting from today, things get serious.

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Our bodies are sacred temples — except for those of us whose temples still need some work to make them a little more standard. Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome PGAS is a rare disorder that makes sufferers sexually aroused sometimes to the point of orgasmwithout any feelings of sexual desire. Unsexual situations—like driving a car, attending a business meeting or going to the movies—can make a person with PGAS highly uncomfortable as they try to hide the feeling of arousal they can't help but experience.

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The specifics of how the authors went about categorizing and evaluating their data was controversial. But the sheer size of their database automatically made the study newsworthy. I spent considerable time on these pages reviewing and critiquing the study.

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The lengths were drawn to scale, which suggests that the specimen chosen for the dog penis was from a relatively large breed. Half of the curved organ forms the pendulous portion, yet only the very end penetrates the hard-to-reach vulva of the female during copulation. Exactly what kind of protest it was is still very much up for debate.

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Sexsomnia is a legitimate medical disorder that causes you to perform sex acts during your sleep, fully unaware of doing so. Hazel Jones lost her virginity twice, because she was born with 2 vaginas. A condition called uterus didelphys affects 1 in women. About 0.

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Percent of men have a condition called micropenis, defined as having an erect penis length of less than inches or 2. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else. Erect human penis in C, medical pictures of male penis oddities F.

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One of the most weird and wonderful products of evolution is the penis bone, or baculum. The baculum is an extra-skeletal bone, which means it is not attached to the rest of the skeleton but instead floats daintily at the end of the penis. Depending on the animal, bacula range in size from under a millimetre to nearly a metre long, and in shape, varying from needle-like spines to fork like prongs.


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