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Israeli nationals arrested in Colombia over sex trafficking. Several Israeli nationals have been arrested in Colombia on suspicion of soliciting women and teenage girls to engage in prostitution under the guise of a tourist company offering tour packages from Israel to Colombia. The police investigation revealed that the Israeli suspects marketed the illegal sex business mainly to Israeli tourists, most of whom were businessmen and discharged IDF soldiers.

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Young Nigerian women, rescued from human traffickers, gather in a shelter on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia February 21, The revenue Returning to explaining why terrorist groups use human trafficking, the report explains that the initial reason is to control the population, but that terrorist groups seem to be going out of their way to propose eschatological, historical and religious justifications, which suggest wanting to use it more broadly, including for financing.

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According to judicial sources cited by El Colombianothe tourism packages sold by Mush and his cohorts involved taking Israeli men — most of them businessmen or men who recently ended their compulsory military service in the IDF — to parties at a variety of locales such as hostels, hotels, farms and yachts, where the main attraction was the sexual exploitation of underage women and the mass consumption of narcotics and alcohol. The sites where the exploitation occurred offered lodging or services exclusively to Israeli tourists, a practice that is surprisingly common in frequented tourist destinations throughout South America. Mush was expelled from Colombia in November of last year after a massive sex party was broken up by police and illicit drugs were found at the scene.

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This seems like a good time to look back at Zwi Migdal, a Jewish global crime syndicate that operated a century ago and trafficked tens of thousands of Jewish women and underage girls as sex slaves. During the first three decades of the 20th Century Argentina was a rich country. It outgrew Canada and Australia in population, gross and per capita income.

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THE young Lithuanian woman in the prison library has the narrow chest, hunched shoulders and wary eyes of someone who has known poverty and is not sure where the next blow is coming from. She talks to reporters to convince herself that she was not a prostitute, not one by choice anyway. Her first name, which is all she will tell, is Giedre.

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In addition, some texts seem to apply different standards to Jewish and non-Jewish women and are tolerant of Jewish men patronizing non-Jewish prostitutes. Both the narrative and legal parts of the Bible offer mixed messages when it comes to the sexual use of women. In contrast to the widespread and systematic rape of girls in many war zones around the world today, Deuteronomy —14 regulates rape on the battlefield.

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Three Israelis were arrested over the weekend in Colombia, along with 15 others, on suspicion of involvement in sex trafficking in the tourist city of Cartagena that included the sexual exploitation of more than women and girls. Those arrested include foreigners, hotel owners, policemen, a navy captain who forced his victims to tattoo his name on their bodies, and a Colombian woman known as "Madame" who authorities say led a sex trafficking ring. Local media reports said that Colombia had asked Interpol to arrest Israeli citizen Assi Ben-Mosh, who was deported last November from the South American country on suspicion of his involvement in running the underage sex ring.

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Fourteen Israelis are suspected by Colombian authorities of running a child sex trafficking ring which marketed tour packages from Israel to the Latin American country aimed at businessmen and recently discharged soldiers, according to reports on Monday. Eight suspects are in custody, including two Colombian nationals, with international arrest warrants issued for the remaining individuals. One of the Colombians was a police officer who allegedly passed classified information to one of the suspected ringleaders, Mor Zohar, allowing him to run the trafficking network without interference from the authorities. According to a report by Hadashot, one of the Israelis is also being held on suspicion of murder and others are also suspected of money laundering.

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The statistics are overwhelming. Sexual trafficking makes up a significant percentage of these numbers. No country is immune.

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