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Meet the sharp-minded Hollywood outsider whose comedy 'Juno' is being called the next 'Little Miss Sunshine'. That was when she still went by her birth name, Brook Busey. Fed up with a dull copy-typist job at an ad agency, she decided to give the finger to her middle-class, suburban, Catholic-school upbringing and get naked.

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Not even wordsmith heavies Paul Haggis, Wes Anderson or Charlie Kaufman have stood in a spotlight so bright — but then, none of them had the allure of a pole-dancing past, punkish attitude or surprising smash-hit, Oscar-worthy pregnancy comedy. The first-time scriptwriter from Lemont, Ill. Cody, who has been unapologetic and candid about her colorful life, drew praise in the blogosphere for her remarks at the time.

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T hroughout her career, screenwriter Diablo Cody has seen subverting Hollywood's expectations of women as her most important responsibility. There are so few good roles for women out there and I give them an opportunity to do a different kind of character" — which means writing roles in which women "get to do more than play Adam Sandler 's wife". In just four years, Cody's roster of leading female characters has included an angst-free pregnant teenager her first film, Junofor which she won an Academy Awarda high-school beauty queen who happens to be a demonic succubus Jennifer's Bodya suburban housewife with multiple personality disorder the TV show United States Of Tarawhich ran for three seasons and was produced by Steven Spielberg and now, in her new film, Young Adulta profoundly selfish and immature thirtysomething who returns to her home town with the sole purpose of breaking up the marriage of her high-school boyfriend. That, Cody says when we meet in a hotel in Los Angeles, is precisely the point: "There are so many comedies in which a guy plays a man-child and that's seen as funny.

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Diablo Cody 88 Being the most famous stripper-turned-screenwriter in the world isn't always as pleasant as it may sound. Diablo Cody, whose blog-to-riches fairy tale culminated in an Academy Award win for Junohas spent the past few months dominating a tiny little niche of Hollywood stardom: the celebrity writer.

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Move to L. Shoot a short. Get a job at a studio.

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Brian Brooks. Cody got her big break when her quirky, honest writing style on her blog caught the notice of manager Mason Novick, who then helped her secure a literary agent for the blog entries she was compiling into a book. Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripperabout her experiences as a stripper and phone sex operator, shortly followed.

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And Cody is in demand, with several projects—including one with Steven Spielberg—pending. Entertainment Weekly recently ranked her 38th on a list of the 50 smartest people in Hollywood. Cody, 29, has defied high odds.

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In a dark and seedy dive, we adjust our tie and face our subject, notorious stripper-cum-wordsmith Diablo Cody. Once we're ensconced in a cracked-vinyl booth adjacent to the Wurlitzer, a round of brandy Manhattans appears before us. But I can't credit my physique for any of my writing success; in fact, I often suspect they're paying me to keep my clothes on these days.

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The colourful, exotic Diablo Cody tells John Hiscock how she came to write the sensationally successful film, Juno. Watch an exclusive clip from Juno Baftas coverage in full. The striking-looking, outspoken year-old's colourful background as a stripper, lap-dancer and peep-show performer may have something to do with the interest she is attracting.


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