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Twenty years after that episode aired the Next Generation team would try to pay it homage by reinventing the same storyline with the new characters. Riker is the one who feels like what happened on the Tsiolkovsky is familiar and he gets Data to begin the long process of searching the databanks for a similar instance. Meanwhile, Geordi is slipping out of Sickbay.

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It'll blow people's minds when Data gets drunk, because he's normally not drunk! In that one previous episode! Quite why anyone felt that the best way to ease us into our second adventure with the new Trek cast was to throw in an episode where everyone acts vastly out of character, I'll never quite understand, but perhaps there's value in understanding the characters' various neuroses early on.

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A deadly incident on a research vessel prompts the Enterprise to investigate why the crew went crazy and ended up accidentally killing themselves. The away team brings back a virus from the research ship which has the effect of severe alcoholic intoxication. Crusher must race to find a cure before the Enterprise becomes a victim of a similar disastrous event caused by drunken behavior.

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Each week, two of us will go head-to-head, making our case for why a particular episode is the best of a given topic. The third host will need to determine the winning episode. What do you think of our two episodes?

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Basically, the moral of so many episodes of TNG was basically Hey adults! Besides Ashley Judd? This is the kind of thing Wesley Crusher was capable of on a bad day.

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Directed by Paul Lynchthe episode had been written by D. Fontanaunder the pseudonym of "J. Michael Bingham," with John D.

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Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Joined: Jun 30, Location: California. Fourth in my series of threads about you favorite interaction amongst two different TNG crew members.

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It was published in South Africa. Poetry, cartoons, art. Contains R-rated material.

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