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Every day, 2. While J. Power has found that customer satisifaction with U.

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LA and New York must have the worst commutes known to mankind, right? Totally wrong. It gets, much, much worse—according to IBM's recent global survey of automotive horror, those two cities are among the best.

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Louis St. Louis - the traffic doesn't suck Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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There's no two ways about it. It's a drain on the economy — to the tune of billions of dollars in costs — and a huge time-suck. It can also affect your mental health. But a new report shows drivers in some cities spend much more time staring at brake lights than others.

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Do not deal with someone who is wiling to break federal law by shipping to anyone but an FFL. You can't trust a cheater. If you spending more for a gun than you are willing to throw away, research and choose a reputable escrow company to hold the funds until you receive and are satisfied with your purchase.

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WalletHub cited costs with owning a car such as gas prices, traffic and road conditions like traffic delays, safety including fatal car crashes, and driver and car wellness such as the number of car washes as metrics that factored into the list. Chicago scored among the highest in car maintenance costs and parking rates. It also did worse than average when it came to traffic delays, gas prices, car theft rates, accident likelihood, and the number of auto repair shops, car dealerships and car washes per capita.

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A recent study of traffic congestion in American cities has placed The Second City as the third most likely to suffer bottlenecks. While the study by Seattle-based Inrix shows that traffic congestion across the country was down anywhere from 15 - 60 percent inwith fewer people on the roads in a down economy. More people have jobs, so more people are out on the roads.

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Kinda like with trafficpeople enjoy complaining about how bad the drivers in their city are. It's almost like a point of pride, a badge of honor to sit in traffic and suck at driving. But which cities really do have the crappiest drivers?

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Ramming highways through the middle of American cities was undoubtedly one of the worst mistakes of the 20th century — demolishing urban habitat, dividing neighborhoods, and erecting structures that suck the life out of places. What could be worse than a highway through the middle of town? How about when two highways intersect, with all their assorted high-speed ramps carving out huge chunks of land to move cars.

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So, for the first year that I lived in the city, I barely drove at all. I literally would go for weeks without so much as looking at my car. I bought a mere four tanks of gas for the first twelve months that I lived in Chicago. Consequently, I follow the speed limit generallyuse my turn signals when changing lanes, and I like to do my best to be courteous to others on the road.


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