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And Messes With The Director. Is '47 Meters Down' on Netflix? But that line of dialogue is a great summary of the subject matter, tone, and appeal of the notorious bomb that became far more notable for its infamy than it did for its filmmaking pleasures.

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From the Chicago Reader January 29, The pointed absence of scenes of sexual intercourse in such recent releases seemingly calling for them as The Crying GameThe Hours and Timesand Scent of a Woman is curious when weighed against a tendency in some other movies, including two that opened recently, to highlight transgressive or dangerous sex. In The Crying Game the absence of sex is virtually the linchpin of the narrative, though that absence is also the one factor that prevents the film from seriously dealing with the subject it purports to treat.

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The subject of much derision at the time, Madonna's offering arrived on these shores having flopped across the pond, but no doubt hoping to bask in the glow of a Basic Instinct-style sexual controversy. La Ciccone is art gallery owner Rebecca Carlson who lives on an impossibly lavish and improbably stable houseboat, and has a rich older lover with a dodgy ticker. With defence lawyer Willem Dafoe on her case, what follows is a courtroom drama of mounting tedium interspersed by scenes of Madonna pouring hot candle wax over Dafoe's chest and genitalia, and masturbating with Enya-like musak twinkling away in the background. The main problem here, however, is that whereas Basic Instinct - which this tries so desperately to emulate - had a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour you always felt director Paul Verhoeven's tongue was well embedded in his cheekBody Of Evidence takes itself far too seriously, its actors spouting Brad Mirman's stilted dialogue with the stony-faced sincerity of people wishing they were somewhere else altogether.

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As the icy blond seductress in Body of EvidenceMadonna seems like a different person from the playfully sexy pop star who made her screen debut eight years ago in Desperately Seeking Susan. In that movie, she had an exuberant, trampy insolence. Susan the bohemian street princess may not have been much of a role, but Madonna, flashing her navel and tossing her luxurious punk-lioness mane, conveyed pleasure in everything she did.

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Garrett: She is a beautiful woman. But when this trial is over, you will see her no differently than a gun, or a knife, or any other instrument used as a weapon. She's a killer, and the worst kind.

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At the very least I expect to see a nipple or two. Well that makes sense. I just presumed she tells the same story to everyone.

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Sizzingly sexy Madonna leads a star-filled cast in this erotic thriller as a woman accused of killing a wealthy, elderly man through her insatiable sexual prowess. Dino De Laurentiis Bernd Eichinger. Michael Rizzo Victoria Paul.

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Sex was a game to her. She got off on the control. She always used to tell me it had to be her way.

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Benjamin is a former volunteer DJ at his local hospital radio station. He has been reviewing films online for over fifteen years. Body Of Evidence is an erotic thriller film released in and is unrelated to the TV series of the same name. Released during the part of her career where she deliberately courted controversy over her image and lifestyle, Madonna plays the lead role of Rebecca Carlson who is the lead suspect in the murder of her lover.


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