Babys belly bottom problems

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Umbilical infections and bleeding are key concerns. Another development that bears watching is called an umbilical granuloma. An umbilical granuloma looks like a little red lump and may be covered in yellow or clear discharge.

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Find out when your baby's umbilical cord stump will detach and how to gently handle your baby's belly button until then. Your newborn's umbilical cord stump should shrivel within a week of your arrival home. It will take one to two weeks to fall off completely.

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In utero, the placenta and the fetus are connected via an umbilical cord. The umbilical cord delivers nutrients to the fetus. After your baby is born, the doctor clamps the umbilical cord and cuts it or your partner cuts it.

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After the umbilical cord is cut at birth, a stump of tissue remains attached to your baby's belly button navel. The stump gradually dries and shrivels until it falls off, usually 1 to 2 weeks after birth. It is important that you keep the umbilical cord stump and surrounding skin clean and dry. This basic care helps prevent infection.

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The present consensus statement was developed as a resource for physicians caring for children, providing guidelines for the diagnosis, management and referral of umbilical conditions. Umbilical hernia is the most common umbilical disorder seen in infants and children. Umbilical hernias are more common in premature babies and in those with trisomy 21 1.

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Belly buttons come in all shapes and sizes. There are innies and outies. Pregnant women often have their innie become an outie temporarily when their bellies grow.

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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In the womb, the umbilical cord delivers the oxygen and nutrients needed to allow your baby to grow. After birth, the cord is clamped and cut, leaving a stump. This eventually falls off, healing to form the umbilicus belly button. There are ways for you to prevent problems during healing.

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What might cause this? Should we be concerned? Will it get smaller over time?

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Back to Health A to Z. A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall. Your muscles are usually strong and tight enough to keep your organs and intestines in place, but a hernia can develop if there are any weak spots.


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