Arrhythmias and teens

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An arrhythmia is an abnormal rhythm of the heart. In an arrhythmia, abnormal electrical signals through the heart muscle may cause the heart to beat too fast tachycardiatoo slow bradycardiaor irregularly. When the heart doesn't beat normally, it isn't able to pump blood to the body as well.

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An arrhythmia is any change in the regular, even rhythm of the heartbeat. If your child has an arrhythmia, his or her heart might beat too fast or too slow, or it might skip a beat or have extra beats. An arrhythmia might result from a physical condition — such as a heart defect —or in response to outside factors, such as a feverinfection, and certain medications.

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Learn about heart rhythm problems. Usually identified as an irregular heartbeat, they can occur at any age and may or may not have symptoms. The heartbeat is controlled by electricity.

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An arrhythmia is a change in the rhythm of your heartbeat. Your heart may beat too fast tachycardia or too slow bradycardia. Your heartbeat may be irregular.

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The study also found that treating teens at the highest risk for fatal arrhythmias with widely used blood pressure drugs reduced their risk by 64 percent. Cardiac arrhythmias are electrical malfunctions that throw the heart out of rhythm, causing many of thesudden cardiac deaths each year in the United States. Most fatal arrhythmias occur in aging patients when scar tissue left by a heart attack interferes with the heart's electrical system.

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The heart has an electrical system that makes it pump. This electrical impulse is something that happens naturally. It can go wrong though, which is what causes arrhythmias.

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Arrhythmias are abnormal heartbeats usually caused by an electrical "short circuit" in the heart. The heart normally beats in a consistent pattern, but an arrhythmia can make it beat too slowly, too quickly, or irregularly. This can cause the heart to pump inconsistently, leading to symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and chest pain.

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In some children, an abnormal heartbeat may have serious consequences. But in many cases, symptoms may be bothersome but not a cause for concern. Arrhythmias are caused by a problem with the electrical system in the heart. There are many kinds of arrhythmia that affect the chambers of the heart in different ways.

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John and Heather Reid have spoken for the first time since the death of their year-old daughter Alexandra from a suspected sudden cardiac arrhythmia — a problem with the electrical activity of the heart that can be picked up in a simple electrocardiogram ECG test. Alexandra Reid, pictured, died of an undiagnosed heart condition aged 16 and her parents are calling for blanket testing of young people to prevent future deaths. During the safe, painless ECG test, leads from a machine are attached to skin on the arms, legs and chest using adhesive patches.

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The spectrum of ventricular arrhythmias, as observed in adolescents and children, is reviewed. The significance and prognosis of such rhythm disturbances depend to a great extent on the clinical setting in which they occur. Ventricular premature beats VPBs are found in a significant percentage of normal adolescents, though usually in very small numbers over 24 h. Frequent unifocal VPBs, even in bigeminy, may occasionally be observed.


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