Adult fever of 103.9

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Body temperature is a measure of your body's ability to make and get rid of heat. The body is very good at keeping its temperature within a safe range, even when temperatures outside the body change a lot. Your body temperature can be measured in many places on your body.

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It may be somewhat higher in the evenings than in the mornings, for example, and it is likely to rise naturally on hotter days or after exercise. All of these fluctuations are temporary. The best course of action when a horse has a fever can vary.

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Many parents have false beliefs myths about fever. They think fever will hurt their child. They worry and lose sleep when their child has a fever.

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When we feel that our body is burning with fever, the first thought is to get rid of it. It is especially difficult to be relaxed about fever when it attacks our kids. We are ready with pills, cold showers, compresses, cold drinks, anything to bring the temperature down. When we are attacked by an invader, our body reacts by rising the temperature.

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Or was it you who woke up not feeling well? A fever is an increase in body temperature, often because the body is working hard to fight off an infection. Although it may not feel like it, a fever is a good thing for the body.

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A fever means the body temperature is above normal. You have a fever if your oral temperature is over The body's average temperature when it is measured orally is

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A fever, also called pyrexia, is a high body temperature, and it is usually a sign that you have an illness. Normally, your body temperature is very close to You can check your temperature with a thermometer if you think you might have a fever.

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Is it serious? How high is too high? Should they go to the doctor?

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Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Fever is the body's normal and healthy reaction to infection and other illnesses, both minor and serious. It helps the body fight infection.

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